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Nice game.

i beat the game...

after that its so hard

Maybe a silly question: but how do i start the game? (after i killed the first dude)

Press start :D


Damn son!

Nice one..

Damn son, where did you found this? XD


In the end....of the game.

Watch this


In the end....of the game. Woopsie spoilers. ;)

No problem XD

There are other spoilers too!


Fun, but the enemies shoot WAY too quickly. I can't go pacifist on like level 2, 3, or 4 (the one with 2 enemies) because i can't get past the first guy.


They shoot more quick than they do in the walkthroug?

What walkthrough?

Here you are!

"Each enemy you killed had a family" - Rare footage of Spec Ops: The Line 2


That was very funny XD


P.S. : You spoiled the whole game XD



Bullets are bullshit. Make them bigger 

They were even smaller before the update!

Are they still small? :(




I will change that after the jam


It's funny how not serious this game is: the animations, the level just falling apart, etc. You can add a lot more player feedback, but that might just ruin the rough nature of the game. Having to jump on to the head of the enemy is pretty unintuitive, so I would recommend changing that.

Thanks for your feedback!

I wanted to show that you should use your enemies in a good way to reach your goals. So i thought jumping on them is a good way to show my intention!

(I laughed at jumping animation a lot XD)


I think the idea is a good one and I wouldn't change  it rather just introduce it better, like at the beginning mentioning it, or making a super simple level that you can only pass by jumping on their heads.

Oh yes you are right!


This is pretty fun! i got to a level i couldnt complete though, hope you fix it

Thanks!I have uploaded a walkthrough.You can check that out!


ah, i didnt know you could jump on there heads, thank you though! ill rate it now since i can progress lol

That means a lot to me!Thanks!

I hope you can beat it.It is a short game.


This game is an awesome idea! I unfortunately got to a level I couldn't beat. I'll give you an image so maybe you can fix it. (: 

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your feedback!

I'm glad you liked my idea.

Check out the walkthrough XD


You were supposed to jump on to the head of the enemy; obviously XD.


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Oh. I see. lol. I would have never guessed. By the way, I liked the endings!