This is one of my first completed games using Unity (So don't have high expectation)

The levels are short but pretty HARD. So it will hopefully entertain you for more than half an hour!

It is made in exactly 7 days (just practicing in case of participating in a game jam)

I would appreciate if you give me tips to make my future games better!

P.S. : I used a few assets by ansimuz. He is a great artist,definitely check his assets out.


Revenge v1.0.rar 28 MB

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Nice game! Not bad either considering this is your first game. I should really recommend having a limit for the amount of enemies in the cave I can't pass. 8/10! 

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Thank you for playing and leaving a comment !

By the cave do you mean the one in the first level or do you mean the second level?

If you mean ...

First level : I know it's hard XD  But not impossible at least!

Second level : There is a trick to pass it. The key is patience.

And thanks for the rating too. That means a lot to me :D

I mean the first one. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough

P.S: IT'S NOT IMPOSSIBLE TO PASS THE FIRST CAVE!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not really XD It is just hard ! I can upload a video later if you want ;D

Yes, please do. I

Sure, I will record a few days later!

I will let you know ;)

Game is pretty much undone. 

While playing, faced some troubles:

The problem of the game is mechanics. There is a delay in shots in jumps. Enemies aren't "hard", they are just unbalanced, they shoot for too long.  Jumps are too tricky and badly used in levels. Levels are poor. The "cave" with always spawning enemies is laggy, when amount of enemies reaches the cap, game starts lagging around 1 fps, while my pc isn't even hot.

I hope you can fix such problems

You can make a great game.

Good luck in development! 

Thank you so much for playing!

Yes, it is undone because I'm a noob at making games and I had a week to make it XD

About the delay in shots, that  was intentional!(You should HOLD "Space" to shoot and HOLD "W" to jump several times.I should have wrote in the key menu that all of the keys are holdable.Sorry for that :( )

And the cave:That is not because of your PC. That was my problem, I just don't know how to optimize my game.I can add an If statement so enemies stop spawning when there are too many of them.

Again thanks for your feedback!That means a lot to me!